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Uzbekistan is one of the largest producers of beans in the world and produces various types of beans including mung bean, pinto beans, red beans and chickpeas in very high volumes and easily exports to different parts of the world.


Uzbek mung bean is the best type of mung bean in the world, which has a large and uniform size and has a good export due to its abundant production.


Uzbek pinto beans have a light color and large size and have a very good taste and are mass-produced annually and exported to many countries.

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Beans food group is one of the main needs of people around the world and its production and supply is very important and should be done in such a way that customers are satisfied. In this regard, Arad Cereal Company intends to offer the best types of Uzbek beans according to international standards according to customer needs and in order to provide the best quality to dear consumers. Uzbekistan is a large country where different types of beans are produced in different regions. Arad Cereal Company offers these products directly with the best quality in domestic and foreign markets after going through various stages and processes. In today’s world, products are sold in different ways and the Internet has provided a very wide and comfortable space for economic actors that Arad Beans Company is able to offer unique types of beans through this channel to buyers around the world.

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